Corydalis solida 'Lentune Gemini'

Corydalis solida 'Lentune Gemini'  

This is a seedling from Corydalis solida 'Lentune Red', harvested and sown in May 2018. I had made no attempt to control pollination and so the pollen parent is unknown.

The flowers on this clone have a mutation where the usual asymmetry and single spur is replaced with a symmetrical arrangement and twin spurs (hence the choice of name!). The flowers are therefore reminiscent of those in the (closely related) genus Dicentra. Botanists will doubtless have words to describe all of this – peloric might be one of them - but I'm not a botanist.

This was the only seedling from that sowing to produce a 'mutant'.

The plant currently resides in the protected environment of my greenhouse where the plants are never allowed to become completely dry during the dormant summer and autumn period. However, Corydalis solida grows perfectly happily outside in my garden and I assume that 'Lentune Gemini' would be no exception.

'Lentune Gemini' is totally consistent in producing these flowers year on year. 

Regarding the possibility that the pollen parent may have been a Dicentra: I did have a plant of Dicentra peregrina x oregana 'Gullefjun Strain' at the time this plant arose (see below). It was given to me on a visit to Gothenburg Botanic Garden. I think it now has the name D. x gotoburgensis or some such.

However, the leaves of 'Lentune Gemini' are very similar to those of the seed parent and quite unlike those of the putative pollen parent.

Dicentra peregrina x oregana 'Gullefjun Strain'