Fritillaria 'Lentune Wiske'

F.  whittallii x F. messanensis ssp. gracilis

The result of pollinating Fritillaria whittallii with Fritillaria messanensis ssp. gracilis.

The seed was sown in September 2009 and resulted in a modest germination.

This clone was separated out in 2014 and more resembles its mother, but does show some influence from its putative father (bearing in mind that wasps can easily intervene in the pollination process to spoil my intentions!)

In truth, this is not the most appealing of my hybrids  but is worth keeping/recording because the hybrid combination is unusual.   

In my own experience, F. whittallii is not the easiest Fritillaria to please but thus far the F. messanensis gracilis genes seem to have added a measure of robustness to F. 'Lentune Wiske'. Only time will tell!

Wiske is a local river (more like a stream) in North Yorkshire that often features in my walks and cycle rides. 

Seed parent(F. whittallii)

The seed parent for 'Waxwing' was my favoured clone from a sowing of  F. whittallii seed received from the Scottish Rock Garden Club's seed exchange in 2001 

Pollen parent(F. messanensis ssp. gracilis)