Fritillaria 'Lentune Joker'

F.  (aurea x pinardii) x grandiflora

The result of pollinating Fritillaria (aurea x pinardii) with Fritillaria grandiflora.

The seed was sown in September 2013 and this clone first flowered  in 2019. 

The sowing resulted in a relatively sparse germination and this is the only clone that has flowered to date. The seed parent has clearly contributed a strong influence, and whilst the pollen parent may indeed be F. grandiflora, it is also possible that a wasp intervened and thwarted my intentions!

Seed parent(F. aurea x pinardii)

Sourced from Kath Dryden around the turn of the millennium. Kath's catalogue provided no information about provenance. The literature contains various references to this hybrid (both natural and man-made).

In conclusion: I think my plant is Rix1602 but cannot be certain.

Pollen parent(F. grandiflora)

Grown from seed given to me by Dieter Zschummel (Germany) and tracing back to Kiev Botanic Garden in Ukraine. NB I've seen plants from this stock mistakenly labelled as originating from Kew Botanic Gardens. Dieter labelled it Kiew since this is the German spelling for Kiev, and so it's easy to see how the mistake has occurred! 

The seed was sown in 2001 and this photo was taken in 2008.