Primula 'Lentune Lovelace'

One of several seedlings from Primula 'Arduaine' using pollen from one of my plants of P. bhutanica (a parent of ‘Arduaine’) sown over 10 years ago. 'Lovelace' is the only surviving seedling from that 2011 sowing.

In spite of several references in the literature stating that 'Arduaine' does not set seed, I’ve propagated from seed on several occasions; although, to date, none of the seedlings has proved as easy to manage as the parent.

My 'Arduaine' x bhutanica seedlings are named after eighteenth and nineteenth century mathematicians. The choice of such names reflects my own early fascination with numbers and hence my academic background.

Ada Lovelace was an associate of Babbage during the very early period in the development of computers and computer programming

For more information about growing these petiolarid primulas see my article in the Alpine Garden Society journal (June 2014 Volume 82 No2 Page 154) and available here.